Can humans communicate with animals?

According to wikipedia, Doctor Dolittle first appeared in letters written by Hugh Lofting from the trenches of WW1, ‘when actual news, he later said, was either too horrible or too dull.’ Of course, Doctor Dolittle could communicate with the animals, a fact made even more famous in song (either Rex Harrison 1967 or Eddie Murphy 1998 plus sequels). Or Sammy.


I came across this next video and have to ask you, how it is that this woman could possibly have the gift of being able to communicate, in pictures and images, with other species? ( One of my neighbours has a friend who chats with animals. I have to say I did look askance, and some of the comments on the following vid are a bit askance, but you have to ask, why not?

Amazing story nonetheless.

Here’s ‘Like Animals‘ ( wherein Dolittle asks the court, ‘Why do we treat animals like animals?’

Up to you to decide.

As Doctor Dolittle says, ‘But man is an animal too.’

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