Is cruelty part of our relationship with animals? Any animals?

I’m a big fan of Tim Flannery.

Tim Flannery wearing a hat

image from Guardian


He’s incredibly clever, learned and wise. He speaks, and writes, a lot of sense.


not this:

‘The fact is that animal rights issues, such as opposition to the culling of feral species, can sometimes get in the way of environmental stewardship, and concerns about animal suffering need to be treated separately.’ page 48 Tim Flannery, After the future: Australia’s new extinction crisis, Quarterly Essay Issue 48 2012

Suffering by any species of animal is part of the equation. If human attitudes towards nature allows any part of nature to suffer, then that attitude is questionable. Until we fix human attitudes to each individual creature, then, I got to tell you, Tim, environmental stewardship will go hang.

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