Terrific response to Melbourne Cup

I mean terrific as in filled with terror. It’s the first time I’ve noticed public opinion rise against this bizarre pageant of money, cruelty and lust we call the Melbourne Cup. I congratulate Sam de Brito on his fantastic opinion piece in the Sydney Morning Herald, The Cup – that will do me. Please read and share it.

Rubbish left over from the 2014 Melbourne Cup

Picture from the Illawarra Mercury of the remains of the day, 2014 Melbourne Cup

de Brito’s observations are balanced and passionate. It’s well worth the read. It evokes another wonderful article from some years ago by Marike Hardy, The Melbourne Cup: It’s a truly revolting spectacle published in The Drum.

I’ve been both heartened and surprised by the many posts in Facebook over the last few days as people describe their saddness at the death of two horses in 2014’s carnival. Yet so many horses die each year as a result of the racing industry. Have people never thought about how many horses are bred, how many hopes are pinned on how many hours of training? I’m only glad that people are starting to think now. What can we do about our relationship to horses? Where does the money go?

Here are some facts about horse racing in Australia

Here’s a link to an interesting blog about retiring horses. They don’t mention the wastage during the training period. Only a small percentage of horses actually make it to be professional runners, just like humans. Imagine all those Little Athletics Club children. How many of them become full time athletes? What happens to all those racehorses

But for the utter last word on The Melbourne Cup, watch Kenny.

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2 thoughts on “Terrific response to Melbourne Cup

    • Thanks, Isa, I’ve followed horsesfordiscourses with interest. I agree with your comments that at least people are starting to consider their assumptions about horseracing in general. It’s great when humans start to think!

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